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Title to be announced
Forthcoming, Spring 2020
Award-winning author of:
A new title in 2020 by The Indigo Press
The Boy Next Door: A Novel
" "Two days after I turned 14 the son of our neighbour set his stepmother alight", begins one of the most engaging novels about inter-racial love to be published this century." - Amanda Craig - The Independent

"Immediately engaging, vivid and buzzing with energy, The Boy Next Door is the work of a true storyteller... Irene Sabatini has written an important book that will enchant readers and which marks the emergence of a serious new talent.” - Di Spiers - Editor of Readings at BBC Radio 4 - Chair of Judges, 2010 Orange Award for New Writers
Peace and Conflict

"In this, her second novel, [Irene Sabatini] has produced another fictional dynamo, 10-year-old Roberto, who narrates with such charm it’s hard not to fall in love with him."  - Bernardine Evaristo - The Guardian

"[Peace and Conflict] generates a complex lens from the childlike proximity of small, mundane things and the distant horrors of Mugabe's dictatorship.  - Cameron Woodhead - The Sydney Morning Herald

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